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Customer Testimonials

Hi Zach,
Yes I did get a chance to use the mount. It worked perfectly for me.  Very smooth movement in both axis and the tripod was steady. I'm very pleased. 
David 8/9/18 - Explore Scientific FirstLight EXOS Nano EQ Mount

Thank you for going the extra mile on this issue.  I appreciate you checking with Explore Scientific. Thank you!

Phil 7/29/18 - Explore Scientific EXOS-2 Manual Equatorial Telescope Mount

Hi Zach, no problem. I have a homemade one that doesn’t work too great. Saw your price and decided it was time to buy a “ real” one. Thanks for the heads up and I appreciate your personal service!
Jeanmarie 7/17/18 - Astrozap Meade 8" LX90 & LX200ACF Flexible Dew Shield - AZ-107-M